Setting up a Custom CLI on my MacBook Pro

Command Line ❤️ I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and it has been a while since I worked on a Mac. When previously working on a »

Smarter Code Analysis in Xamarin Studio

While at a meetup for Xamarin and MvvmCross, there was a guy complaining about missing features like ReSharper has in Visual Studio on Windows. I'd like »

Swift and C# Quick Reference Poster

Since mobile development is my main day-to-day job nowadays, I tend to once in a while dabble in a different programming language than C#. For iOS »

Implementing a Multi Region Presenter for Windows 10 UWP and MvvmCross

Universal Windows Platform I'm upgrading a Windows Store app to the new Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform. MvvmCross has added support for UWP in v4.0-beta2. »

Changing the access modifier for view properties generated for Xamarin.iOS

When you create a new ViewController in Xamarin.iOS and name an element, the tooling generates a partial class for you in a {name}.designer.cs »